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How can we help you be sustainable?

nTn Dining provides a sustainable solution for their business, by adopting a digital menu,

We aim to reduce your paper and plastic waste, while also minimizing costs associated with printing and distributing physical menus, eliminating the need to constantly reprint and distribute paper menus. Additionally, our All-in-One QR code menu can help streamline the ordering process, allowing customers to quickly and easily make their choices. nTn Dining also reduce the amount of time it takes to make changes to the menu, allowing you to keep up with customer demands more easily. 

Furthermore, a digital menu can provide customers with a more interactive experience and allow them to learn more about the items they are ordering. For example, nTn Dining can include pictures of their food, nutrition facts, descriptions and customers make more informed decisions.


What else is nTn working on?

We are currently working on publishing 'Cuisine for a Cause' a sustainable handbook that aims to help your business operate sustainability and connect your business with to the sustainable world and market today in Cambodia. 


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