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All-in-One QR

Our All-in-One QR Code is a Best-in-Class system combining functionalities across all customer interactions within the venue: Reading Menus, Ordering, Payment, Feedback, and most important Analytics in a single platform.

This not only improves the user experience but also offers potential cost reduction and revenue growth.

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QR Code Set-Up

Our QR Codes can blend in perfectly with your brand. 

Custom sizes, colors, logos, texts, and languages help you cater directly to your customer base and increase adoption. 

Want a QR Code to access your WiFi as well? Everything is possible!


QR Code Menu

Our QR Menus can be accessed by your customers at any time via their phones. 

Especially expats and tourists benefit from a digital menu as they can see images for each item and multi-language descriptions help to overcome language barriers.



Your customers can order directly through our QR Code Menus. The order will be sent via Telegram or to our Order Management System.  

This simplifies the ordering process and improves operational processes and reduces incorrect orders..



Customers in Phnom Penh already got used to using KHQR to pay for their restaurant bills. We are taking it to the next level as customers can either pay directly through our QR Menu or Call for the bill. which saves time during the payment process.



We are one of the few providers asking your customers to rate specifically the dishes they have ordered. 

This will help you improve your menu & recipes and ultimately drive customer satisfaction to new levels.



We run analytics across all of the above features for you. This will help you to enhance the overall customer experience, build a loyal customer base, streamline operations, and improve your reputation, all while growing your business.

Total On-Boarded Customers

Welcome visitors to your site with a short, engaging introduction. 

Double click to edit and add your own text.

QR Demos

Welcome to our collection of custom-designed QR demo scenarios, tailored to suit any business serving food or drinks!

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